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Social Distancing With Plants

Social Distancing With Plants

 Starting to think about returning to work? We have a few ideas on how to make plants work for you in the office.

As a business, we understand the challenges faced when creating a safe work environment for our employees. If you are looking to section off an open plan office space, or create safe movement along walkways then planting can offer a flexible solution. Firstly, plants can be used as partitions or room dividers, Secondly, plants are a perfect way to separate areas without having to build a permanent structure. For example, regroup existing plants, install extra plants, or use modular living green screens. Indoor plants can offer an adaptable way of creating a healthier and more enjoyable environment.  Plants can also benefit your workspace because they absorb noise and therefore improve the acoustics of the room. Regardless of the style or size of your space, Indoor Garden Design can help you find a planting solution that will keep your employees safe in the workplace.


Group Planting to Divide Spaces


  What Can Plants Help You To Achieve?

• Use Plants as visual markers for physical distancing.
• Partitioning off desks, Separating out zones, and cordoning off areas, Plants are an adaptable option.
• Plants can be used as signposts for guidance for flow around a space (one way and/or queuing systems).
• Plants help create happy and healthy working environments for staff.


Moss panelling with Company Logo

New Planting Solutions

• Bespoke moss panels can be branded with company logos and signage to help direct footfall.
• Live plant screens can create vibrant and interesting partitioned work areas.
•Planting solutions will be a benefit to employees and visitors, with the health and well-being benefits that plants bring to the workplace environment.



Living Green Screen


Planting as Partitions


Ways To Use Existing Planting Effectively

• Place floor-standing plants together in rows to cordon off areas.

• Use desk plants to separate work stations.

• Put signage on floor pots to direct footfall.

Hedge Barrier Planting

At Indoor Garden Design we are more than happy to help find solutions to create a welcoming, safe working environment for you and your employees. To find out more information please get in touch.


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