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Capturing Houseplants – Meet The Team

Capturing Houseplants – Meet The Team

Here at Indoor Garden Design, many of our team members are very creative and possess hidden talents, often including houseplants.  Installations Technician, Finn Gordon spends Monday to Friday coordinating and delivering our planting schemes to many of our clients all over London.  In his spare time, among other subjects, houseplants and the natural world feature very heavily throughout his photography.  On a recent team trip to The Giant Houseplant Takeover in The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley, Surrey – His flair really became apparent!


Green Carpet by Finn Gordon

‘Green Carpet’ – by Finn Gordon


Finn says:  I’ve been around cameras for most of my life, my Dad always had them and was constantly taking photos of the family and the places we went.  I only picked one up for myself when I was around 14, and whether that was because my older brother was into photography and I thought that was cool, or I was inherently drawn to it; we’ll never know!  What I did realise soon after however, was that it was the start of a hobby that would turn into a passion.  I liked that the process of photography put me in so many different places.  It took me down roads I wouldn’t normally go, up hills I wouldn’t normally go, and on adventures I never would have begun.


Monstera by Finn Gordon

‘Monstera’ – by Finn Gordon


Anthurium by Finn Gordon

‘Anthurium’ – by Finn Gordon

Finn continues:  I think being born in the hustle and bustle of London made venturing out into the wild a very appealing prospect.  I love London with all my heart, but there’s something calming about being able to end up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by natures best works.  Understandably, a common theme in my work is nature, however my love of plants was genuinely spawned by starting work at Indoor Garden Design.  In my three years working here so far, I’ve learnt an incredible amount and also gone from having no plants of my own at all, to having plants falling off the shelves…..

The benefit of greenery especially houseplants is unquestionable, towards both physical and mental health.  I’ve always liked to believe that at least the mental benefits can be somewhat carried over in digital form, in the hopes that those looking at my photos are given a sense of calm and comfort. Regardless of where they are or what’s going on in the world.


Palm by Finn Gordon

‘Palm’ – by Finn Gordon

I think that we can all agree that Finn’s photography is really beautiful and just enjoying them from the comfort of your own home creates a feeling of tranquility and stillness.  As Finn says, interior planting schemes can have a very positive impact upon our mental and physical wellbeing, something that we champion everyday when introducing houseplants to our clients spaces across the U.K.

You can enjoy more of Finn’s work by visiting his website www.finngordon.co/ and browsing his portfolio or by  following him on instagram at @fordstice .  We particularly favour his ‘Nature’ portfolio (naturally) so be sure to check that out first for more green eye-candy.




Terrarium by Finn Gordon

‘Terrarium’ – by Finn Gordon


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