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Silk flowers & foliage designed to last

Artificial Arrangements

  • High quality and realistic plants
  • Perfect for low light areas
  • Regular cleaning service
  • Floor standing, desktop, hanging and wall mounted

Artificial Arrangements- Plants Trees & Flowers

Seeking a hardy, low maintenance way of enhancing your space? Through the artificial arrangements we provide at Indoor Garden Design, you can create a more beneficial space for staff and visitors.

Where living plants simply won’t survive; whether due to low light levels, adverse temperatures or unsuitable air quality – lifelike artificial plant arrangements are a more suitable solution. Our expert team will visit your premises to select the most suitable artificial plant, flower and tree styles to suit your space, bringing decades of knowledge and experience. We provide our expertise across London, within North London and Central London – to benefit your space.

To experience the benefits of biophilia without living plants, simply speak to us about our range of high-quality artificial flowers and plants – we can then tailor displays and plant selections to suit your specific needs.


Indoor Garden Design go above and beyond to respond to a brief in a short amount of time. They're amazing to work with, really organised, really dedicated and everything they do is of the highest quality.

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  • Over 40 years of experience creating award-winning designs
  • Delivering high-quality planting schemes nationwide
  • Extensive knowledge of plants and their maintenance
  • Tailored services to suit your needs

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