Plants Work

…for you, your workplace & everyspace


  • Plants work on a psychological level –biophilia is the concept that humans have an innate connection with nature.

Incorporating natural elements into the human environment brings significant benefits – improvements in well-being, health & productivity.


  • Plants work on our physical health – producing oxygen, they filter pollution & absorb dust to clean the air we breathe.


  • Plants work for the environment – providing shade & maintaining temperatures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.


Plants work in offices, hospitals, schools, leisure & living spaces


In a predominantly urban environment –plants bring much needed air quality and tranquility into our busy, modern lifestyles.


Wherever we spend our working day, plants enhance the space naturally.


The 2014 World Green Building Council ‘Health, Wealth & Productivity’ report found that 90% of business costs are related to staffing.


Plants work to create a healthy, engaged workforce – more creative, less stressed – simply more productive.


Plants work for you

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